• We invite our Guests/Visitors to try our delicious vegetarian meals.
    • Guests:   $8,000 mil pesos (COP)
    • Visitors: $8,000 mil pesos (COP)


Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of GUATAPE. 1 hour and 45 mnts  from Downtown Medellin. Eco Hostel Medellin is a live Hostel – educational center and showcase of best practices for sustainable living and alternatives energies.

With bamboo groves and mature trees, the sounds of bird song and flowing water, we want to foster a tranquil and serene ambiance at The Eco Hostel.

We provide a supportive environment and good food for individuals who seek to practice meditation or contemplate silence and solitude with Self/Nature as your guide.

People from any or no spiritual background are welcome, with or without previous meditation experience. Personal retreats of varied length are also possible.

This is a DIFERENT/SPECIAL place with no schedule that lets you find your own space.


Our aim is to connect people through education courses: Spanish courses, Permaculture, compost, positive initiatives, music, yoga, meditation, nutrition, eco-tours, cleaning zones and keeping alive the rural landscape, plus studies of a variety of green sustainable development alternatives.

What is Permaculture?

More info  Paola: ecohostelmedellin@gmail.com🙂
(54) 311 646 7039

I speak English, Spanish and French🙂