• We invite our Guests/Visitors to try our delicious vegetarian meals.
    • Guests:   $8,000 mil pesos (COP)
    • Visitors: $8,000 mil pesos (COP)


The Eco Hostel 

Situated in a beautiful valley near one of Colombia’s most picturesque towns, Guatapé – about 1 hour and 45 minutes from downtown Medellin, Eco Hostel is an interactive & live Hostel – an educational center, a showcase of best practices for sustainable living, alternative energies, and a place where you can relax, reconnect with yourself & with nature.

We offer intensive Spanish courses (all levels), Intro to Permaculture & Farming class (with field work), Farming Consultations & more.

With bamboo groves and mature trees, the sounds of bird song and flowing water, we foster a tranquil and serene ambiance for studying, learning how to grow organically, living sustainably and maintaining a strong connection to pacha mama.

Additionally, at the Eco Hostel, we provide a supportive environment and good healthy food for individuals who seek meditation and a place of silence or solitude to connect with the self and with nature.

People of all spiritual backgrounds (or none) are welcome – with or without any previous meditation experience. Personal retreats of various length are also possible. This is a UNIQUE place with no schedule (unless you are enrolled in one of our courses), that lets you find your own space and move on your own time.


Wifi / Internet: Our aim is to connect people through education, language, and farming/permaculture courses and personal interaction! We purposely do not have wifi because we like to give our guests a break from the waves and we like to encourage folks to “ünplug”, be fully present in the moment, and to interact with one another.

Food: The food is vegetarian (very tasty and natural). The local diet is heavy on rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, yuca (casaba), plantains, corn, and plenty of vegetables.

Our own organic products  from our garden will soon be available for consumption as well! We bake our own bread, prepare our arepas, consume products high in fiber and eat home cooked meals together.

Eco Hostel is a fully vegetarian establishment. Which means you can take this as an opportunity to detox your body for 2 weeks (with a good diet and no meat/chicken/fish). But for those who prefer to eat meat, feel free to try out the local restaurants in the village.

Some of the reasons for offering vegetarian meals consist of the following:

  • We do not want to consume meat every day.
  • Its consumption contributes to & harms our global climate (environmental impact)
  • We do not wish to contribute to the constant sacrifice of animals (animal rights).

Accommodation & Lodging

For students taking any of our courses, accommodation is included in the tuition fee (with no additional cost).

For non-students, wishing to sleep at the Eco Hostel, there is the option to pay 50,000 COP per night (which includes meals). or $80,000 private room (meals included!


  • Day trips to surrounding areas provided by local guides (click here for more info)
  • Exploring Guatapé

Courses Offered

  • 2 Week Intensive Spanish Course
  • Introduction to Permaculture & Farming (includes 5 days of working in the field to learn about organic farming in Colombia)

Schedule of Classes

To see the start dates of all classes offered & to check availability, click here.

Contact & Directions

To contact us with any questions or for directions, click here.

Paola: (54) 311 646 7039


**To participate in any of our courses or for lodging at the Eco Hostel, you must receive a confirmation in advance. Same day reservations are possible, only if we have available spaces. Please make sure to receive a confirmation via email or phone before heading our way. 

Our aim is to connect people through education courses: Spanish courses, Permaculture, compost, positive initiatives, music, yoga, meditation, nutrition, eco-tours, cleaning zones and keeping alive the rural landscape, plus studies of a variety of green sustainable development alternatives.

What is Permaculture?

More info  Paola: ecohostelmedellin@gmail.com 🙂
(54) 311 646 7039

I speak English, Spanish and French 🙂